True Linkswear | OG Sport



The OG Sport was crafted for the player who craves both purpose, and wellness in their pursuit of par. For those grinding in their backyards, on the range and in the gym. Sport was engineered for those creating the morning dew stripes and closing down the course after the cart barn is locked up. Featuring True's new Adaptive Sport Knit Technology, the OG Sport is ready to handle any endeavor; in any season - as the breathable Adaptive Sport Knit is rigorously tested in all environments. Sport surpasses industry leading waterproof ratings (100k dynamic testing) and is backed by TRUE’s 2 year waterproof warranty.

The OG (Original) Sport features a barefoot experience with zero drop, extra wide toe box, thin (comfortable) sole and maximum flexibility.

→ Adaptive Sport Knit Upper Technology
→ New SPORT Lacing System for Personalized Stability
→ Full Sock Fit Flexible Opening for Slide-In Comfort
→ New Extra-Strength Heel Pull System
→ Versatile Upper Flexibly Conforms to Most Foot Shapes
→ Fully Waterproof Liner Construction with 2-Year Waterproof Warranty
→ Tested to an Industry Leading 100k Dynamic Waterproof Rating
→ Cross-Life Tread for Maximum Versatility
→ Extra Wide Toe Box (D-EEE)
→ Zero Drop Construction for Optimal Feel and Power